Reflection in Teaching

Teaching:  A Time for Reflection

By:  Lara Davis

Ponder, contemplate, and wonder…all synonyms for “reflect.”  A new year creates the opportunity for reflection, to examine where we have been, ruminate about where we are now, and to anticipate where we could be in the future.  At the Weekday School, reflection is an ongoing process of observing our children as they engage in their environment and planning instruction that supports children’s interests and developmental levels. It follows the cycle of observe, reflect, plan.   John Dewey, considered by many to be the father of modern education, wrote about reflective teaching in the early 1900’s.  He believed that teachers should take the time to observe children and to reflect on their observations, using their knowledge of child development and drawing upon their experiences to provide meaningful activities within a nurturing environment.

Deb Curtis and Margie Carter, authors of Learning Together with Young Children:  A Curriculum Framework for Reflective Teachers, reiterated Dewey’s philosophy.  They describe the qualities of a reflective teacher as one who:

  • watches children’s play with curiosity and wonder.
  • documents details of children’s conversations and activities.
  • takes time to study her documentation.
  • shares stories about her children with colleagues and families.
  • asks colleagues and families for their perspectives and insights.
  • changes the environment and materials to support and scaffold children’s play and learning.
  • uses professional literature to learn more and remain current.

Curious to know more?  Consider attending the Weekday School’s Open House on January 23rd (snow date:  January 30).  There will be displays and materials available in Loudoun Hall which highlight the qualities of the Weekday School.  We will also offer tours of the classrooms.  If you or someone you know is considering preschools, please tell them to stop by.



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